Seanoween! October 27, 2018

Sean Liddle joins Matt for the Hallowe’en WAFFLES! spooktacular! They take on the scariest of the scaries, and a special tribute to comedy hero and Canadian legend Rick Green. Music for this episode:

WAFFLES! Teen Titans
New Year’s Eve in a Haunted House :: Raymond Scott
Butcher Pete :: Roy Brown
I’m Not Scared :: Neko Case
Ghosts that Haunt Me :: Crash Test Dummies
This Halloween I Go As Me :: John Southworth
Vance the Vegetarian Zombie :: Arrogant Worms
Sexy Vampire :: Black Dresses
A Nightmare on My Street :: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
The Witch :: The Gruesomes
Cemetery :: Headstones
Monsterman :: Devo
Gas Station Washroom :: The Frantics
I Know Your Name :: GIMP
Forecast Calls for Ghosts :: Dingers
Dance Macabre :: Ghost
Crypt Reaper :: WITCHROT
Everyday is Halloween :: Ministry
Spooky :: New Order
Graveyard Rock :: Forgotten Rebels
Spooky :: New Order
Graveyard Rock :: Forgotten Rebels
Running Scared :: Nick Cave
Creature from the Black Lagoon :: Lord Melody
Get Back Satan :: Old Haunt

Doctors & Nurses: WAFFLES!, October 20, 2018

Doctor doctor, give us the news: we’ve got a bad case of WAFFLES!, you!

All doctors & nurses (and illness and wellness [and some science Doctors]) on this edition of WAFFLES!, featuring the amazing Songs for Rockwood, Doctor Worm (Matt’s favourite song of ALL TIME?!?), Marisa playing the New York Dolls, and much more! It’s all coming to you via a SOCAN 22F tariff. The playlist is here:


October 13 with Jeffy: WAFFLES!., October 13, 2018

Friend of the show Jeffy comes by to hang out, and brings a slew o’ stuff about October 13 with him! International Disaster Reduction, politics (including one very good and one very bad Margaret), cartoon music, the challenging nature of grilled cheese and appliance timers, a triple cover of “You Can Call Me Al”, and much more is on the table in this edition of WAFFLES!

The playlist is here:

WAFFLES! is podcast under a SOCAN 22F tariff.

Food with Tony — WAFFLES!, October 6, 2018

Tony, former CFRC host of Ahoy Savoy! and Afrotunity, joins Matt while Marisa’s at work. A fun show! Lots of music about food, recipes and more, and some sound advice (YOU GOTTA KEEP UP!) near the end of the show. Featuring music by Tony’s band Dingers, early for Hallowe’en!

Playlist? Sure! Right here, friendo:

Podcast under a SOCAN 22F tariff!

Grab Bag: WAFFLES!, September 15, 2018

Another grab bag week! MARISA’S CHOICE, although she tries to foist it off on Matt at the get-go. Ha! Matt has coffee midway through the show, which leads to a lot of weirdness, including the concept for the musical mash-up “Me So Hornsby” and a prolonged tortured analogue to his lack of musical talent and Sean Astin in “Rudy”.

Podcast under a SOCAN 22F tariff, with the playlist right here:

Trouble: WAFFLES!, September 8, 2018

The trouble with WAFFLES!, is it always gets worse! 

Paraphrasing Bruce Cockburn for this all-Trouble edition of WAFFLES!, as Matt takes the helm on music due to Marisa’s computer troubles and we play a lot of requests and other trouble music, including a savage triple-cover of a Bridge over Troubled Water.

The playlist? It’s here:

And as always, we’re podcast under a SOCAN 22F tariff.

Photography w/ Garrett: WAFFLES!, September 1, 2018

From the beer-pong-saturated campus of Queen’s on Move-In Day, WAFFLES! talks photography, local elections and Awesome Kingston with friend of the show Garrett Elliot. We go deep on photography, the nature of politics, the nostalgia of images, and way more! It’s cool!

The playlist is hyar:

Is this podcast licensed under a SOCAN 22F tarrif? It is! IT IS.