False Endings and Ranked Ballots: WAFFLES!, February 24, 2018

Songs that end. But don’t! It’s all false endings on WAFFLES! this week, featuring songs that seem to stop and then keep going. We’ve got stuff ranging from Allan Sherman’s “End of a Symphony” comedy classic on through a blazing Electric Six cover of Roxette’s The Look, with Neil Young, new Canadian icons Soft Serve, and a whack of other stuff in the middle!

And look! Simon Baron of 123Kingston is here to talk about ranked ballots, how they work and why they’re important. Groovy!

WAFFLES! is podcast under a SOCAN 22F tariff.

The playlist is over yonder:  http://shep.ca/waffles/playlists/Playlist_WAFFLES_20180224.pdf